McKenzie Claire is now offering three new services to make your life easier: styling, closet editing, and local approval drop-offs and pick-ups. Click through each of our new offers to see which one best suits you and your lifestyle. We're here to help!


Make an appointment with owner of the shop, Carrie Carickhoff, to see how she can update your wardrobe. In just an hour-long consultation, she can help transform your closet. Click below to learn more!

Closet Edits

Need help deciding what to keep or throw out? Schedule an appointment with Carrie so she can help you clean out the old.  Click below to get more information on if this service is right for you. 


If you're local to Charlotte, the staff at McKenzie Claire will be happy to drop approvals right at your doorstep. Click below to learn more about how approvals work and how you can get some of the newest arrivals delivered to you today!